Setting the perfect table

As an interior designer, table setting lover and a big fan of having people over, setting the table is a key moment for me. It is a way for me to express my creativity and set the tone for the moment we are going to share around the table. Here are some steps I would follow. Do not forget to twist them with some small absurd details that make the table looks like you!

  1. Before setting the table ask yourself: With whom am I going to share this table? Let's be honest you won't put the same tableware for your dinner parties on a Friday night than for a Sunday roast with your mother in law. And let's be honest a second time: it is way funner to set a table that will pivot into a little party afterwards right?

  2. Where should we eat? What is the occasion? To me dining rooms are not the only place to have perfect gatherings and I like to vary the pleasures. It depends on the number of guests, the time you want to spend together, the time of the day... Try an aperitivo lying on the floor with colorful coktails followed by a dinner on the dining table and take your expresso martinis in the patio! A moving dinner is the key to end up dancing on your bare feet all night long

  3. Tablecloths, tablesets and napkins are key to bringing joy to your tables: If your table is not in good shape or not that pretty to stand by itself don't hesitate to put a tablecloth under the placemats. Make it colorful! Life is too short to live in black and white version. As for the napkins, I love to mix and match different patterns, it directly sets the table for surprises!

  4. The tableware: We believe that a table's tableware, or crockery as I like to call it, gives the tone of the moment you will spend around it. It is a key ingredient to the moment and the energy you want to spread on your table. It's important for me to have crockery that makes you want to jump on the table and celebrate. Something unique you will remember the next day! Do not hesitate to mix and match patterned plates for dessert and dinner.

  5. Glassware: The etiquette says that you should not put different wines in the same glass – but since we don't care about it, have one glass for the wine on the upper right of the placemat and the water glass should be closest to the guest (since hopefully they drink more water than wine) We like to mix up different types of glasses for wine and water - again, let's have fun guys, color your glasses and play it funky: the color palette you use is the tone of the night. 

  6. Cutlery : The fork goes on the left side and the knives on the right side with the tines of the fork facing down. I am really fond of vintage cutlery so I would either choose this one or colorful ones that will bring a rainbow straight to your table. And remember not to harm anyone with it during a tough debate (Let's just avoid politics) between the main course and dessert! 

  7. Most importantly: Candles, flowers and decorations. A table is nothing without floral decorations and dimmed lights! But nothing too fancy though! Flowers freshly found in a field during early spring and some candles to make it more colourful and cozy. 

We think that all tables should have history so do not hesitate to put some crockery, objects, candlesticks, vases or anything that was given to you from a family member, something that you bought during a trip abroad or just something you fell in love with at the flea market and even found in the streets!

 Your table should be set for surprises – Make them unpredictable and then share them with us !