Hi there,

We're Rodolphe and Daphné. And we want to set your tables for surprises.

We both grew up in families where having guests over was part of our daily life. We remember setting large tables that would attract people from all generations and walks of life, continuously enriching moments with new stories and perspectives.

The best part of these memories, and having people over in general, is that it transports you to a space that’s about simple pleasures. It’s about being together. Connecting. Letting loose. Laughing. Savoring great food, drinks and even better friends.

Missing out on these moments during the first COVID lockdown in 2020 was difficult for both of us.

We started to imagine what our next tables would look like. Lots of colors, our favorite people around laughing and pouring wine into beautiful glasses to match the delicious food on the table. As we brainstormed, Daphné started drawing and Denise's first designs were born.

Our desire is to bring to you tableware creations that will set your tables for surprises.

Denise is an homage to our grandmothers who share the same name and with whom we have spent many of these special moments. Our universe is both of the moment and entirely nostalgic, fueling rituals but defying codes, honoring traditions but defying expectations.

Denise encourages tables to be set for surprises — rarely predictable in the mix and match of plates, people, and on some occasions, prone to pivoting into a party.

We hope you enjoy our creations !

With love, 

Daphné Meeus and Rodolphe Moraine
Founders of Denise.