Easy steps to "Valentine" your table !

Yes Denise lovers, Valentine’s day is around the corner !

 Shop windows slowly prepare to welcome red color palettes, cupidon figurines and chocolates in heart shapes to spread the love all around the world. And when February hits every couple asks themselves whether Valentine’s day should be celebrated or not this year.

 Early couples might take the risk and use Valentine’s day for their first really romantic all in dinner, old couples could use it to revive the flame of the early days and some just use it to prepare an amazing homecooked dinner together. Whatever feels good for you and your other half should do the trick.

 As for Denise, her favorite Valentine’s day is a romantic dinner at home and here are her tips to set it for surprises :

The most important thing to set the perfect romantic table is to create a cozy atmosphere. The key to setting a romantic dinner table at home is to minimize distractions so that you can focus on each other

  • Lighting: It’s all about creating a low-light environment. Turn off as many lamps as you can, only keep one or two indirect lightings like wall lamps.

  • Candlesticks: Add 3 or 4 candlesticks of various heights with nude or ivory candles to go with the warm atmosphere

  • Color scheme: Valentine’s day is the perfect moment to choose a color scheme. Choose one that is not too flashy – I would go for earth tones table linen with matchy napkins – make it fancy !

  • Atmosphere: Light up some incense and put some music on ! Why not a song that brings back your couple’s fondest memories ?

When the atmosphere is defined you can start to set the table :

  • Centerpiece: Choose a decorative centerpiece to create a focal point. A wonderful bouquet of your partner’s favorite flowers in a colorful vase is perfect.

  • Crockery: Carefully choose your crockery, it should be plates that means something to both of you – a set you found during a trip last Summer or something picked at the flea market last month?

  • Glasses: Put big glasses for the wine, you know you have the best bottle of Pinot noir to go with it. Use colored water glasses to shake it up.

  • Cutlery: Add cutlery for every dishes around the plates – make sure your partner knows it’s going to be the two of you from starter to dessert and don’t forget the cheese …

Don’t forget to step it up with some extra details :

  • Menu: Print a nice menu on the table – this clearly adds something special to it. Try to print it on blanc cassé paper – it’s even more romantic.

  • Theme: Find a link between your dishes? La coccina italiana is always a good choice when it comes to falling in love.

  • Extra: Last but not least you can add some aphrodisiac ingredients to your preparation !

Well well Denise lovers, let’s hope these advices will make your Valentine the most in love person on earth !

And don’t forget to send us some pictures !

Bisous bisous,