From missing dinner parties to Denise tableware

As we all know 2020 and a large part of 2021 was quite weird for everyone. Being at home with limited social contacts for a large portion of our time forced us to try new things, become professional athletes or in my case, just analyze every squared centimeter of ceiling of my flat.

As an architect, most of my working sites were put on hold in March 2020 and I had pretty much nothing to do. So I made myself busy in the same way as pretty much everybody else: watched all Netflix documentaries, cooked banana bread every week and attempted new creative activities. These new creative activities led to different drawings of colorful table sets with loads of flowers, large cocktail glasses and delicious food that I dreamed to share with friends, because yes, what I missed the most at the time was my friends and family.                

When sharing some of these drawings and inspirations, the reactions were all the same: "Oh it tastes like summer holidays with friends", "You can't imagine what I would do to share this cocktail with friends", "Can I come over for pasta & wine?". I realised that people who used to love take away food in front of the TV got bored of it and were paying more attention to the moment that represents "dinner time".

I shared this with Rodolphe, my partner, and we started to imagine all the things needed to make a great dinner party. After long discussions, tons of drawings and inevitably, a few disagreements, we decided to launch Denise !

Here we are 6 months later with our first collections of ceramics, glassware and linen that will hopefully help you set YOUR tables for surprises. Dressing up to go out, arriving at friends' houses with cool music on and beautiful table sets to create memorable moments – These are some of the things Denise stands for.